4 Things I’m Doing for my Skin and Hair this Winter and 2 Things I’m Not

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A Quick 2018 Check-In

So far in 2018 I have thought a lot about living slowly, treating myself, and relaxing. This is not typically something that I dwell on, but for some reason it has been on the forefront of my mind. It may be because from the week before Christmas through New Years Eve I got really sick. I was actually in bed for a solid week recovering, dragged my sorry self to an urgent care, took a 7-day antibiotic, and drained about 3 full tissue boxes. I really never get sick, but boy was I sick. Maybe it was the sickness or the cold weather or maybe the aftermath of a busy month leading up to Christmas, but writing blog posts was the last thing I wanted to do and I really thought I was done with it for good. 5 months and I’m over it. And I rarely ever quit things. That was really discouraging.

But I realized recently in my vacation from blogging that I had lost sight of why I was doing this. I want to encourage, uplift, inspire, and lead by example. I want my words to bring peace to others, a laugh to their face, and a truth to hold onto throughout the day. If 5 people read it, that’s 5 people who God ordained to read my words, inspired by Him, and who might have needed that encouragement. So with that, I am going to start off this year slow, not full-steam-ahead like people usually expect.

I want to focus on joy, because in the winter months that doesn’t come naturally to me. I want to focus on daily routines and small luxuries that will uplift your spirits on a Tuesday night. I want to focus on small things like reading a new book, taking a relaxing bath, or getting up in the morning to workout that might change your perspective. I would love to hear what you want to see this year, so please comment below. It puts a smile on my face to see who is stopping by 🙂 And P.S. I became Auntie JoJo over the holidays to a sweet, beautiful little boy named Hendrick and that was pretty incredible. I will share more soon!

Winter Skin & Hair Care Changes

One of my very first blog posts was on my newly created skincare routine (aww). I had just figured out a way to combat a really frustrating skin issue and was so excited to share it! Well fast forward to January 2018, it’s very winter, with highs of 32 degrees and my skin is screaming! Additionally, somewhere along the way, I bleached my hair. Did y’all know that bleached hair is like 100 times more likely to turn into a large knot on your head than regular hair? Put a scarf around my neck and push me out into the winter weather and my face and hair and entire head, really, become a nightmare. Yikes!

But alas, thankfully for all you that have to see me regularly, I have found some wonderful solutions to my ever present winter problems. So let’s dive in! And hopefully that doesn’t make my hair knot up…

4 Things I’m Doing

1. Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase

So luxurious….This is my favorite thing ever and I’m so excited to share my results! I have been looking into silk pillowcases for a long time and finally (when I couldn’t possibly have googled them one more time), I was given them as a Christmas present from Cam’s sister, Megan (Thank you!!!). It was so exciting! They were immediately put on my pillows and I have seen so many results already. Here are my favorite noticeable changes:

  • I don’t wake up with annoying creases and kinks in my hair
  • I don’t wake up with knotty and frizzy hair
  • My face feels moisturized and soft (silk helps your skin retain moisture)
  • I don’t have any crease marks on my face from my pillowcase (yes, anti-aging)
  • I “think” my face looks less puffy in the mornings but that’s TBD (has anyone tried a jade or ice roller??)

You should absolutely try these pillowcases out. If you are nervous about the shiny-ness of the pillow in contrast with your cotton sheets, it is not very noticeable at all. You won’t regret it! Splurge or Steal

2. Doubling Up On Toner, Hydrating Lotion & Serums

This is really similar to my non-winter routine, but I did change a few of the products for this season. I’ve really been focusing on using toner everyday because it helps to moisturize the skin and create a shield against bacteria. Just make sure, as with all your skin products, that the ingredients do not include alcohol. This will surely dry out your skin. I am using the same Glossier serums as I was a year ago and I am still really enjoying them. But for lotions I switched to my favorite super hydrating lotion from Clinique, the Moisture Surge 72-Hour Hydrator. It is truly incredible and you could double it on and use as an overnight mask as well.

3. Carrying My Wet Brush Everywhere

Have you heard of a Wet Brush? One of my roommates in college had one and we used to beg her (politely ask) all the time to use it. It’s magic! It goes through any and every knot and is virtually painless to your scalp. It’s really great to have after a shower but it’s also a really great thing to carry in your purse to brush out those scarf knots. Know what I mean? And at this price, you get one for your bathroom and one for your bag, so why not. This changed everything for my long, bleached hair. Paddle Brush or Purse Size Brush

4. Drinking the Recommended Amount of H2O

Ok ok does every skincare blog say this on every post? Whatever. I asked for a S’well Water Bottle for Christmas and I am addicted. There’s just something about a new pretty bottle that makes you drink so much water. I have one on my desk and on my night stand and have been religiously drinking 64 ounces or more of water each day since the new year. It energizes me during the day and helps to keep my skin clear. It also helps me get extra exercise because I am constantly peeing. HELLO TMI! Shop the S’Well Collection

And 2 Things I’m Not

1. Using Salicylic Acid

Ok so salicylic acid was the star of my skincare routine back in the summer, but now that it’s winter, it is taking a timeout. Salicylic Acid realllllly dries out your skin, which is great to rid your face of oily problem areas, but not in dry months. If you can’t do without it, reduce your use to about 2 times per week.

2. Washing My Hair Everyday

If you know me personally, you are laughing out loud and saying “when has Jo ever washed her hair everyday?” And the answer to that would be never. But I’m serious, you guys! This is not the time to start! Now I’m laughing. Washing your hair every day strips you of the natural oils your body creates, causing your hair to be brittle and dry. If your hair is knotting excessively from your scarves, sweaters, or winter attire, chances are your hair is dried out. See how long you can go, use some dry shampoo, or baby powder and you will find that your hair will be less greasy as you train it to last longer between washes. Your blow outs will be lasting weeks! If you need tips on using baby powder, dump it on your head, shake your head around, and try not to smell like a baby 🙂

And there ya have it! Some tips and tricks to ease your winter blues. As always, comment below with your own results, more tips I should be using, or topics you want to see covered here! Wishing you warmer weather, cozy fires, snuggly blankets, and hot cocoa!



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  1. I am with you on needing a break! I took a break after Christmas and it really helps.

    I always wake up with annoying creases! I am going to try your silk pillowcase tip, that sounds like what I need!


  2. Any recommendations for dry shampoo brand? I have been trying to cut down on hair washing this winter for the same reasons you described above. But the dry shampoos I have tried seem to leave my hair looking more greasy :/ You’re the best!

    1. Megan!! Hi yes I really like the one tagged above as well as the “Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo”. They seem to actually work on me. But sometimes I get lazy about restocking and that’s when my trusty baby powder comes in.

  3. yyaayyy, so happy you like the pillowcases! I am putting mine back into rotation asap. I have never heard of a wet brush but may have to try that trick, here I thought I was the only one who got scarf knots 😄

  4. I’m totally dying to check out the Silk Pillowcase and Wet brush! This girl needs all the help she can get with thin hair, LOL.

  5. This is a great roundup of how your helping your skin and hair through Winter! I hear you, especially on the salicylic acid. I can’t quite quit it because I get hormonal acne, but I’m looking for gentler replacements that will help in the Winter.

    Also, this is the first time I’ve ever head of a Wet Brush, and now I need it in my life. Darn you! LOL.

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