About Me

My Darling JoJo is a source for creative lifestyle inspiration; from fashion to travel to relationships to home decor. I’m a 25 year old girl living outside of Philadelphia hoping to encourage, grow, and inspire through beautifully styled words and scenes. By day, the marketing manager for an architecture firm, by night a plant enthusiast, bunny mama, and new blogger. Thank you for joining me here!


The Story of My Darling JoJo
Nearly 5 years ago, I met Cameron at a fraternity party at Gettysburg College. He was a “country” boy and I was an older “city” girl (even though I was actually the one dressed in full camouflage). We had never met before that day, but everything really did change in a moment. When we first met, Cameron had this adorable way of calling girls “darling”. He would say “how are ya, darling?” to my roommates or “what can I get you to drink, darling?” to a friend. I loved it and I asked him why he never called me that. He didn’t want to group me with anyone else by calling me a nickname that he used so lightly. But he knew how much I loved it. So he stopped saying darling for a whole year until one day he said to me “how are you, my darling, jojo” and I knew it was finally mine.


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