Super Simple Guide to a DIY Spa Night

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Are you a bath person? *Raising hand emoji* I am. I wasn’t always a bath person (minus, ya know, the time I was a baby) but one of my best friends from college turned me into one. She was always snapchatting me from her bubble bath in her college dorm and it totally cracked me up. So I gave it a shot when I was having a stressful week and I got hooked. I don’t often have the time or make it a priority, but I should. There’s just nothing like soaking in a bubble bath, especially mid-winter, when I can hardly ever thaw from the cold.

I love a good spa night with my girlfriends or going to an actual spa for massages and mani/pedis. But sometimes that’s just not possible from a time or money standpoint. A simple trip to the drugstore for some cheap at-home spa luxuries or a splurge on a beautiful wood bath caddy can be so exciting. Self-love, y’all! As I have mentioned in the last few posts, the start of this year for me has been all about small “indulgences” that brighten my day and make me slow down. This is one of those amazing luxuries that we should be putting into our schedule for ourselves. This past weekend I decided I needed a relaxing bath on Sunday night and I didn’t sway from that plan. When’s the last time you scheduled me-time or a #SelfCareSunday just for you?

This is my super simple guide to an at-home spa night. Grab these few essentials and relax! Maybe you don’t have a bathtub or you don’t like the concept, so instead listen to some calming music and paint your nails, or lather up with your favorite lotion and read a book in bed. This post will focus on soaking in the tubby.

Before I go any further, did you know that you can click on all the photos of my recommended items and they will take you to the website to shop? Just a quick PSA. More importantly, don’t forget to purchase a plastic wine glass to keep your beverage safe on the ledge of your bath tub as you read this blog post 🙂

1. Get Yo Top Knot On

This is a spa night essential. Get those hairs out of the way for all of your beauty treatments. Have you perfected the top knot yet? I have not but, wow, somehow I pulled it off for this picture. Here are a few good tutorials for you if you want to spend all night failing at this instead, like I typically do. (Tutorial 1 | Tutorial 2) If you would rather avoid the bathtub, it would also be really fun to try out a tutorial that you’ve been meaning to give a shot. I really want to try this one!

2. Tunes, Please

Place a speaker a safe distance away from your bathtub and get those peaceful tunes bumping. Isn’t this speaker the cutest? Or how about a waterproof one so you can splish splash around and not even give a care! I’ve recently started listening to The Life Aquatic: Studio Sessions album in the bathtub because I’m a weirdo. But the acoustic versions of David Bowie’s classics really get me.

3. Candles Must Be #Lit

Light a candle, or seven, to set the spa mood. (And to make spa night lit!…had to) I have found some of my favorite candles at Home Goods and, of course, Anthropologie. Those smells are just captivating! I especially love this one and this one. But be careful to not put your candle underneath a plant leaf… hello dead plant! (I say this from experience.)

4. Don Your Scary Sheet Mask

Are you a fan? I am. I have tried a few avocado sheet masks, but this is a new one. It claims to make my skin glow so I am totally on board for that. I won’t scare you with a picture of myself, but these masks are so hilarious looking. An added benefit of spa night; a guaranteed laugh. This is a great way to re-hydrate your skin during the harsh winter months.

5. Grab Some Relaxing Entertainment

Some of you may be skeeved out by books near water, wet pages, etc. Hi college roomie who hates wet paper! hehe But I just love to look at beautiful books in the bath tub. How amazing is this Oasis book. The pages are incredible and even if I can’t go to those spas, I am put at ease with the serene photos. Darling Magazine is my second pick for light reading. I love their mission of empowering all women including the achiever, the dreamer, the confidant, the stylist, the beautician, the explorer, the hostess, and the intellectual. It’s a gorgeous magazine in every way. The book I chose is all plants! Big surprise there. But don’t ya just want it on your coffee table?

6. Bubbles, Salts, and Essential Oils (And All Your Plants)

So I’m more of a bubble bath person than a “stare-at-your-naked-body-because-you-used-bath-salts-only” person, so my preference here is bubbles and essential oils. Don’t get me wrong, thank you to everyone who has gifted me bath salts, but they never work for me. I put them in under running water and they end up like scratchy sand at the bottom of my tub and they hurt me. Can someone help me?? I am clearly troubled by this. haha Anyway, I also like to put essential oils in the water as the tub is filling. Last week I used Eucalyptus (YUM), and if I really want to live life on the edge, I’ll go with Lavender, and chance falling asleep in the bathtub. Talk about relaxation! Also, plants make people happy, so you should invite them to spa night.

7. The Star of the Show: Wooden Bath Caddy

The star of the show and the biggest game-changer of my life is my wooden bath caddy/tray/book shelf/whatever. Thank you Cameron for the best Christmas present ever! Anyway this thing rocks. It has a holder to prop up a book or iPad, slots to hold the base of your wine glass (incredible), and lots of spots for all your bath goodies. And it’s so beautiful I could cry. Really awesome Valentine’s Day present alert!!

I hope you have the best spa night ever! Let me know how it goes and what I should add to my list to make this even more relaxing! Make sure to always take the time to take care of yourself and relax. It is so important in our hectic lives to slow down and take a bubble bath every once in a while. Listen to an audiobook, sing along to your favorite song, paint your nails, or read your Bible. You deserve it.



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  1. Hey Jo! I lice baths! And I love epsom salt! Super amazing for soreness of any type.. You can put bubbles in too so you arent staring at your bellybutton! I especially loved “plants make people happy, so you should invite them to spa night” I will be doing that next time! And I need that bath caddy!

    1. Hali!! The bath caddy is a life changer haha but now I really want to try epsom salts! Thanks for the tip! And for stopping by 🙂

  2. This looks like the ultimate way to relax. I love a good bath night. Mine usually consists of wine, chocolate, my essential oil diffuser, a good bath bomb, and a book with some relaxing jazz music playing in the background! Now if only I had a cute tub like you do!

  3. What a perfect way to treat yourself! I am 100% a bath person and find it so relaxing. Love all your plants and I agree that candles are a must!

    xo, Kristina

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