My Skincare Routine: Controlling Stubborn Pores

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When I thought about writing a beauty post for the blog about my skincare routine, I couldn’t stop thinking of the quote from Mean Girls, “so you agree, you think you’re really pretty”. Hopefully this post doesn’t come across as conceited because I do not have perfect skin but I truly am excited about how I’ve come to embrace a habit of thoughtful and regimented skincare. Right off the bat, I don’t claim to be a trained expert on skin types or beauty products. But I can tell you about my recent skincare success story and the routine I designed to combat a skin condition that I had been struggling with for years. This is the first time that a desperate Google search actually helped me.


First of all, I rarely ever washed my face as a teenager. #Confessions But whenever the occasional face-washing-whimsy did come upon me, I always ended up breaking out. So you can imagine what I did about that….I never washed my face. That tactic actually worked out for me for quite some time. But it did eventually catch up to me around age 24 in the form of very stubborn clogged pores. I first noticed when I touched my cheeks or forehead that there were little bumps. Not red or irritated. They were essentially the same color as the rest of my face. But there was a texture to my skin that I was not comfortable with. I tried going the natural route with lemon sugar scrubs and charcoal masks, but they painfully dried out my sensitive skin (turns out I have sensitive skin) and I was desperate for a real solution. Now here comes the good stuff.

Note: I typically apply the following products before bedtime, but a lot of the items can be applied twice a day, both morning and night. You can fit these products into your own routine however you like.

Micellar Cleansing Water

I read a blog post a long time ago that said that French women love this stuff, so I bought it immediately and never looked back. Finally a non-greasy, non-drying, smooth and soft combination cleanser and makeup remover. Micellar technology allows micelles to gently extract dirt, oil, and makeup like a magnet so there is no need for harsh rubbing, which you should never have to do to your face. I have experienced no negative side effects from this, especially no drying or burning. It’s inexpensive and worth it. Just go buy it and you’ll understand.

Neutrogena Salicylic Acid Wipes

This little container ended up being the cure to my main problem. At 2% salicylic acid, these wipes have the ability to get below the skin’s surface and into stubborn clogged pores, bringing all the dirt out instead of just scratching the surface. After 3 weeks of using these once a day, those annoying bumps were totally gone. Hurray! I truly hope that anyone who has this problem finds this post. You will need to continue to use these to maintain the results, so although you’ll see changes in a few weeks, keep going! If your skin dries out easily, start using every other day. Once you know how your skin reacts, you can start to apply once a day. To help even more, I use a Neutrogena cover up with salicylic acid in it, so it keeps working on my pores throughout the day. 

Bonus Tip: I also get really bad razor burn, so my health science boyfriend, Cameron, told me to wipe these on my legs right after shaving. It burns like hell but works like a charm. No more razor burn. You’re welcome.

Non-Comedogenic Lotion

As a self-professed non-expert on beauty, I am very confused as to why all lotions are not like this, but this lotion does not clog pores (the definition of non-comedogenic). Can anyone shed some light on this for me? First you unclog the pores, then you fill them back up with some bad lotion. (How many times can I say the word clog?) And hey, people who make lotion, get on board with this. Anyway… this step is crucial to the whole, ya know, cleaning OUT the clogged pores step. It’s very refreshing, quenches dried out skin, and just feels good to know that you aren’t “back-pedaling”; adding thick lotion to your cleansed face.

Glossier Beauty Serums


Finally, let’s talk beauty serums. I admit that I bought these because I assumed they were going to make me beautiful. When nothing changed, I considered using “lack of beauty” as the reason for my return. But now I know that serums are a long term investment, not an instant reward. These are packed with vitamins that are essential for slowing down aging and for nourished looking skin. Vitamin C helps reduce dark spots on your skin, Vitamin B3 reduces redness, and Vitamin B5 softens and plumps skin. I use Super Pure at night before bed to work on blemishes and Super Glow and Super Bounce in the morning so that my skin looks awake and ready for the day.  Also the bottles make you feel like a scientist so that is an added bonus. Use my link to get 10% off your first order from Glossier! 

Although a quick overview, these are my current favorite products that I have seen the best results after using. Feel free to ask questions about my routine below! What products do you use to keep your skin clear and glowing? I’ve just started to use a toner on my face as well, but haven’t seen much change. Any tips on toners?

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

When you start to focus in on skin imperfections, you can quickly lose sight of WHO created you and WHAT you were created for. A poorly-timed zit can sometimes have the power to ruin my day, make me feel uncomfortable, or lower my self esteem. Seems dramatic, right? Other days it’s a backhanded compliment, a harsh phone call at work, or the memory of a lost friendship. Small things in the grand scheme of things, like a zit between your eyebrows (THE WORST). But God looks at us and sees clear skin, ageless beauty, His creation.

In Psalm 139, David sings to God:

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Write this on the tablet of your heart today, so that when the storms and zits of tomorrow pop up, your identity is secure in Him.



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    1. Felicia! I’m so glad you liked it. I use the Neutrogena Skin Clearing oil free coverup as well and it works wonders! Let me know how you like them.

  1. I love your photography on this post. So fresh and the pops of green really set your style apart! I found the the Clairsonic mini worked really well to “gently” exfoliate my skin once I had a clean and sanitary base to work with. Of course that meant nailing down my own routine as well!

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