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Three years ago I got my first job out of college and joined the ranks of “train commuter”. Aside from the occasional super long delays, train breakdowns, SEPTA strikes, construction projects re-routing all commuters to buses, and waiting outside for the train in freezing temperatures….I love it! My favorite part about the train is all of the things that I can do on the train that I couldn’t do if I was driving. Last year I knit 12 cable knit headbands and 4 scarves on the train for Christmas presents. Grandma on board! But my favorite thing to do is read.

Anybody else a Kindle user? I used to deny ever wanting a Kindle under the guise of “looooving the feel of paper”. I have since come to my senses and I am a true believer in the luxury of downloading whatever I want, whenever I want. (As I pepper this post with photos of me buying real books lol…Cam joined the library this past summer and it really made me rethink how much I spend on books.) It also comes in handy for people like me who still dip into young adult fiction at age 25 and don’t want everyone on the train staring at the emo, angsty book covers. I am always looking for new enticing books to read so I made this list in the hopes that SOMEONE will throw some awesome book titles right back at me. Here we go!

For the old soul romantic…

Riddled with intrigue, romance, society rules, and an instant time machine into the glamour of times gone by. These three books stole my heart.


Rules of Civility – Two best friends, an accident, and the lifestyles of the rich

A Fine Imitation – A restless 1920s Manhattan socialite and a mysterious painter

The Last Letter From Your Lover – Pieces of a forgotten romance found after a memory-erasing tragedy

For the teenager at heart…

Sometimes you just have to branch into the young adult section and see what’s up. I’m all about dystopian societies and bizarre worlds that don’t exist. Why are we as a generation so into that concept? Regardless, here are some guilty pleasure picks.


Caraval – Two sisters attend the magical Caraval, a yearly performance where the audience is part of the show and nothing is as it seems. When one sister is kidnapped, you must decide if it is real or part of the game.

The Thousandth Floor & The Dazzling Heights – Manhattan is one tall building and the floor on which you live determines your class

The Maze Runner Series – A bunch of boys & a complex maze

For the thrill seeker…

If you liked Girl on a Train you will like these books. Both Liane Moriarty and Gillian Flynn have a collection of books that are total “can’t put the book down” reads. These are all just like that. Although Big Little Lies has got a lot of hype from the media, it is still definitely an intriguing and suspenseful read that I highly recommend!


The Woman in Cabin 10 – A journalist on a private cruise witnesses a murder, but did she really?

Big Little Lies – A complicated neighborhood of gossipy women surrounding a murder

Sharp Objects & Dark Places – Reporter goes back home to investigate the murder of two teen girls

For the Person Who Falls In Love with Book Characters…

There are some books that render me unable to move on to a new book. I seriously obsess like a middle schooler over characters that I’ve fallen in love with. AKA these authors are actually magical. I am currently in the throws of The Wrath and the Dawn series and I can hardly focus on anything else.


The Wrath and the Dawn & The Rose and the Dagger – Each night the young boy-king takes a new wife and each dawn she is murdered, until Shahrzad volunteers to avenge her best friend, one of the king’s former brides

The SelectionThe Bachelor, but the prize is a prince

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – A wealthy family with a dark, mysterious disappearance enlists the help of a journalist and the most unlikely heroine, Lisbeth Salander

For the Christ Follower…

For the last 5 years, Cam I have read a lot of books together and discussed them over the phone as one of the ways we grow together from afar. Some of the most treasured moments in our relationship have come from these important conversations spurred on by these books. Here are some of my favorite books for personal growth and one devotional for dating Christian couples.


Crazy Love – A look at our typical lackluster response as humans to God’s crazy, relentless, all-powerful love for us

Not a Fan – Can you confidently answer the question “are you a follower of Jesus?”. Maybe it is time to define your relationship

Devotions for Dating CouplesA weekly topical devotional for dating couples, which includes questions to spark critical conversations that should be had before marriage

My hope for you is that you’ll be able to cuddle up with one of these page turners in front of a roaring fire with a cup of tea! If I had to pick only one book from this whole list right now for you, I would recommend The Wrath and the Dawn, hands down. I am possibly obsessed. Now what do you recommend for me? Come on! I’m waiting!



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P.P.S. Here is the full list of recommendations that I received through my Instagram Story poll last week! I have not read any of these but wanted to share to add to your list:

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  1. Ok for your first category you would love A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. Set in the 1920s about a man sentenced to house arrest in a giant beautiful hotel, it’s AMAZING. Also if you’re into the YA stuff, Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker is a good, suspenseful one!

    1. I actually started A Gentleman in Moscow, but didn’t finish it for some reason. I keep meaning to start it over again! Thank youuu! I love getting all these recommendations.

  2. I love your round up! I am currently reading Big Little Lies (because everyone raved about it) but you have totally inspired me to look at The Woman In Cabin 10!

    xoxo, Hannah

    1. Oh my gosh the Woman in Cabin 10 is so good! You will love it. One of those books I wish I could read again without knowing what happens.

  3. LOVE this!!! And perfect timing….I have reading on the brain (my post is about books too :)). I am completely intrigued with your old soul section. Like I want to get them NOW! As far as any recommendations for you…I’m a big lover of biographies so if that is of interest, I really enjoyed Brooke Shields “There Was A Little Girl”. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Oh that sounds great! Thanks for the suggestion! If you like the old soul stuff, I would recommend starting with Rules of Civility. Amazing!

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