5 Fall Trends Styled

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Over here on the east coast, our “fall weather” has been pretty un-fall-like. It’s been really hard to transition into sweaters, scarves, and boots when it’s still 75 degrees most days. All I want to do is break out those cozy layers and sit by a fire. But alas, you can’t always get what you want. So I decided to pick 5 classic fall trends to style for you in hopes that maybe it will bring on some crispy weather. Actually I think it may have just arrived today ;)!

When I think of Fall, I think of ankle boots, cozy sweaters, blanket scarves, styled layers, and accessories. I paired some of my favorite go-to pieces with some new gems and it really got my mind on transitioning from my summer wardrobe into fall colors, tones, and textures. Take a look at some of my favorite trends and how I styled them in my own way.

Trend 1: Ankle Boots

These boots have brought me through the last few years of cold weather. When you find a good pair of booties with a heel that you can walk comfortably in for a long time, you just keep wearing them. And isn’t this poncho to die for? I kept things simple with this look with the poncho, skinny jeans, and boots. That could be my “fall uniform” and is easily replicable with something you might already have in your closet. If not, I linked some really cute options below.

This incredible poncho was a gift from Cam’s mom from one of the stores in their hometown, Carlisle, PA. I’m absolutely in love with it and it’s so easy to throw on to complete the outfit. These moto jeans are the most amazing creations from Gap. They are from their Sculpt line and there ain’t no skinny jean like it. Hint: They. Lift. Your. Butt.

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Trend 2: Cozy Sweaters

I am definitely a warm weather girl so in the cooler months you can find me snuggled up in a big sweater and leggings, complete with slippers and a mug of tea/coffee/bailey’s/who knows. Oh and probably sitting by a raging fire. I went out on a limb here and styled this pretty faux-wrap sweater with a lacy bralette for date night, with a little collar bone action too. Simple, Snuggly, & Chic. I’m finally catching on to the mule trend and threw on these gold studs to up the edgy-ness.

The pants are Elliott Lauren and the best pair of work pants I own. They slip on with no zippers or buttons and they are so comfortable. The pants and the bag are a tribute to my late Aunt Linda; the owner of several women’s clothing stores and a true fashionista. The pants are from her store and the bag is straight from her adventures in Paris. I miss you, Aunt Linda.

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Trend 3: Blanket Scarves

This is one of my favorite fall trends because you’re totally playing it off that you are chic and fashion-forward but you are actually wearing a blanket around your neck. A blanket scarf is a necessity for my chilly office and sometimes I feel bad for the men in my office because blanket scarves just don’t go that well with a suit and tie 😉 This peach plaid helps me transition from summer colors to fall tones and I love how it works with neutrals and browns.

This bike was a special present from Cam for my birthday a few years back. He has the matching men’s version of the bike and he came across this bike randomly in a Goodwill. It’s so cute, so I took it for a quick spin after we were done shooting. FYI don’t be fooled. I have 20/20 vision. These are fakers.


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Trend 4: Styled Layers

I have a 9-5 corporate job in marketing and layering keeps me alive as my typical day starts with a brisk walk to the train, a heated train car, another walk to my office, and a chilly day at my desk. One thing I love about fall is the ability to wear impractical coats that you couldn’t get away with in the dead of winter. This thin Madewell camel coat has one button and doesn’t cut it in February, but right now it’s the perfect added layer. This is the ideal time for jean and leather jackets and fun frivolous coats.

Last year right before Christmas, I saw a girl shopping with this exact outfit on. I think I literally followed her around the store gawking and drooling. Anyway, I clearly found all of the pieces under the tree a few weeks later. Thanks Mom!

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Trend 5: Accessories

I am the first one to admit that my accessorizing game is kind of lame. I tend to be minimalistic and stick to the same watch, ring, and necklace each day. Sometimes I even forget to put on earrings before leaving the house *GASP*. But I tell ya, fall brings it out in me. I am loving the tassel trend this year so I paired this dark floral dress and OTK boots with a wide brim felt hat, tassel earrings, and a tassel necklace. These earrings gave me instant heart eyes and I love a brimmed felt hat for the fall. A lot of these things were either old or from a boutique, so I linked some similar items below.

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